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Spacious Accommodation for Discerning Cats

The view of Grange Cattery is that any cat's time in a cattery should be as stress free and homely as possible.

Inside the pensThe pens are spacious 4' 11" by 5' 10" (1.5 by 1.8 metres) and each pen is licensed to hold up to three cats, so that friends can always be kept together. Each pen has a heated sleeping box with plenty of outside space and places to hide for the less extravert guest. Each pen is accessed by steps which allows easy entry for the more elderly guest. Please see our Special Note regarding elderly cats. The verandas are popular in the summer. We are happy for owners to bring any toys, favourite blankets or baskets with them to the cattery to help their pets feel at home and a variety of different menu choices are available for the diet conscious.

Inside the pensInside the pens

If you would like to view the cattery and its accommodation at any time please feel free to contact us.